Sugarbush Forestry

Foresters and other resource professionals play an important role in supporting maple syrup producers in sustainably managing their forests. Managing for sustainable sap production requires a specific focus and approach that can be compatible with managing for wildlife habitat and timber production.

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Sugarbush Forest Management (45 min.)

Dr. Mike Demchik, UW-Stevens Point Forestry Professor, joined the Wisconsin Maple Hour to share insights, considerations and strategies for managing a sugarbush to maintain and increase production and enhance ecological values.

Invasive Plants in the Sugarbush (45 min.)

WI Maple Hour Recording: Invasive Plants (Mar. 2024)

Mary Bartkowiak, WDNR forest invasive plant coordinator, joined the maple hour to talk about the most important invasive plants for maple syrup producers to know and control.


Adapting to Changes in Your Sugarbush

Buckets hanging from trees. Not much snow is on the ground.

Maple syrup producers across the Midwest have noticed changes in their sugarbushes in recent years, such as earlier tapping seasons and the arrival of new invasive and competing plant species and forest pests. Explore our sugarbush adaptation guide, which features descriptions of current and future environmental challenges that can affect syrup production along with concrete actions you can take to address them.


Other helpful forestry resources

We will be developing additional forestry products and programs as the project continues. In the meantime, here are some great external resources:

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